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Unparalleled Expertise and Representation

RST lawyers practice exclusively in the field of criminal, penal and disciplinary law. They are involved in most of the large-scale trials in Canada, and have appeared before all courts, including numerous times before the Supreme Court of Canada.


RST lawyers have gained recognition in the legal world for the professional and dedicated work they provide to their clients. As such, they have been awarded several distinctions by numbers of lawyer associations and organizations.


Over the years, they have adapted to an ever-changing legal landscape and are at the cutting edge of legal developments. Hence, RST lawyers count on many years of rich legal experience to make sure that your issues are resolved efficiently and to your entire satisfaction.


Your problems matter to us. Conflicts arising in the realm of criminal, penal or disciplinary actions may cause significant stress and anxiety. That is why we are committed to your case with your best interest at the center of our objectives.


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