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                                          Criminal and penal law

Michael Marchand


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A native of Montreal, Me Michel Marchand holds a law degree, as well as a master's degree.

He first practiced as a defense lawyer at Legal Aid, as a litigator in Rimouski, Cowansville and Sherbrooke, as well as as an advisory lawyer in criminal matters at the Commission des Services Juridiques in Montreal.

He then successfully argued, before the Supreme Court of Canada, the unconstitutionality of constructive murder. He also had the privilege of arguing, with the late Robert Sacchitelle, the first Canadian application before a jury to obtain early parole in a first degree murder case.

Since 1992, Me Marchand has worked in private practice as a defense lawyer both at first instance and on appeal. Although his services are also required in relatively simple cases, he often represents defendants involved in complex cases. He thus defended an accused in relation to the worst accusations that can be brought against a human being, namely genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes. In 1997, Mr. Marchand was appointed by the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, to assume the defense, as principal defense counsel, of a bourgmestre (mayor) accused in relation to the Rwandan genocide of 1994. To date, this case, which involves six defendants, is the longest and most complex tried by an international criminal court. Following the final judgment pronounced by the Appeals Chamber on December 14, 2015, Mr. Marchand's client regained his freedom. Among these six defendants, he is the one who had the most success on appeal.

Me Marchand, who had already worked within the Desrosiers et associés firm from 1993 to 2003, joined again in 2015 this firm, specializing in criminal and penal law, whose excellent reputation is recognized by all.






French and English



Bachelor of Laws (LL.L.)

Master of Laws (LL.M.)




As a speaker, he has participated in several conferences concerning Canadian criminal law as well as international criminal law. He is also the author of articles published in specialized works.




Association of Defense Lawyers of Montreal (AADM)


Association of Defense Lawyers of Quebec (AQAAD)




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